The 6 Biggest Defence Companies in the World

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Prepare yourselves as we tackle the 6 Biggest Defence Companies in the World. The defence has been a priority for most countries due to events that transpired in the last two decades. Terrorism became a real threat during the tragic 9-11 attacks. In recent years, more and more terrorist groups began to surface and other forms of terrorism like cyber-attacks started to take place. Wars run rampant across the Middle East and in Europe. Rising powers from different parts of the world start to threaten with the level of power they display. With all this surfacing in the recent years it becomes a priority to be prepared for any situation, be it man-made or not.

From these events, rose up companies dedicated to the defence of their country and even the world. These companies have had resources dedicated to technological breakthroughs, manpower, research and preparation for any and all possible attacks. These companies have grown over the years in revenue, projects, size and visibility. As such, these are the things we are considering for the list of the 6 Biggest Defence Companies in the World.

Curious enough, most of the companies in the list are from the US, which goes to show how much the US prioritizes its defence. If you’re looking for more information on powerful countries, be sure to check out our list on The 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World: Military edition.

For most of us that are not as aware as a few regarding these companies, then today would be a good time to be aware and familiarize ourselves, and maybe learn a thing or two. Without further ado, here is our list:

6. General Dynamics

The first mention of the American defence companies, General Dynamics has a broad range of products and services to offer, from aviation and aerospace, to combat vehicles, weapons, munitions, among other things. They serve governments and defence for commercial systems, like up-to-date communication and information systems, weapon systems and creation of safer vehicles, from all air, land and sea.

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