The 14 Most Ridiculous Kickstarter Campaigns

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Let’s enter the realm of the weird and outrageous with a list of the 14 most ridiculous Kickstarter campaigns. As you may or may not be aware of, Kickstarter has become one of the best sources of funding online if you haven’t got the budget to support your idea or project. The website and the company itself practically created the idea of crowdfunding, where you present an idea and/or project asking for support from donors and a certain amount of money to be able to complete the idea. We’ve seen a lot of interesting ideas and products that might not have come to fruition without the support of the online masses.

With that said, if there are amazing and intriguing campaigns presented here then there’s also the definite opposite end of the spectrum which are campaigns that are just ridiculous enough to be posted online. This is very interesting because, despite the weirdness of most of these, some have gained support and were funded. Now if you’re looking for the great successes of Kickstarter, check out our list of The 11 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects.

These ideas might surprise you, and others may even inspire you to do your own campaigns regardless of how weird or ridiculous it may seem. In truth, maybe some of the great things in our world today started off as ridiculous ideas.

Let’s move on to the list:

14. French Toast Pancake Waffle

The premise is simple enough. The person that posted this wants to build the perfect French Toast Pancake Waffle so he can share it with the world. Basically, the guy just lacked money to buy ingredients he needed, and he really needed a waffle.


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