The 11 Countries with the Most Bullying in the World

The oppressed are many in these 11 countries with the most bullying in the world. Bullying has been a problem for many countries. It’s good that recent years have brought awareness to people and organizations. Many have started to take action against it. Bullying is most often associated with kids and teenagers. There can be many ways to bully, though most of them resort from aggressiveness. A bully can embarrass, threaten, violate, and pressure his/her victims. It’s even shocking that bullying has extended to the online world.

Bullies are often created because of bad circumstances in their homes. They are often victims themselves by their parents or their lack of father and mother figures. Bullies are also created because some people were not nurtured with the correct values as they grow up. You’ll notice that countries with human rights violations often produce bullies, like this list of 11 Countries with the Worst Human Rights Violations in the World. Bullying can even reach a larger scope, like countries forcing their power on other countries. A boss or co-worker being aggressive in the workplace can also be considered as bullying.

What countries do you think are included in this list? We might even find some well-established countries suffering from this sickness of society. Let’s go to the list and check out number 11:

11. Slovak Republic

Bullying in Slovakia often happens in primary or secondary school. The dangerous thing about bullying is that it is a repeated act. Due to the number of bullying reports in Slovak schools, many researchers have decided to use these places as an observation field. They’ve found that bullies often have what they termed “emotional emptiness.”

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