The 11 Countries with the Best Vacation Time in the World

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Take a break and check out this list of the 11 countries with the best vacation time in the world. Many employees in different parts of the world consider vacation time as a vital part of an efficient working system. Every employee needs a break from the daily grind in order to recuperate. Most of our work takes a majority of our time which is why vacations are so important. With vacations we can have time for ourselves and for the people we want to be with. Vacation days can cover for some unprecedented events. Whatever is the case, taking time off and getting paid for it can feel pretty good.

Some countries in the world take vacation time very seriously. They understand that an employee cannot work 365 days a year. For this list we’ve compiled and ranked the countries that give the most paid vacation time in the world. This includes paid vacations offs and paid holidays. If you’re looking for more quality articles, check out the Top 20 Countries with the Best Quality of Life.

You might already be experiencing long vacation times in the country you are from. It might surprise you that there are other countries that just give more time off to their employees. Let’s start with the first in this list:

11. Germany

30 Vacation Days

The compiled vacation time in Germany reaches to about a month’s worth of paid vacation. That would be a great time to see all the modern and historical sites the country has to offer. From revolutionary architecture to the castles of times passed, the country is rich with stories and beauty.


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