The 11 Biggest Gemstones in the World

The 11 biggest gemstones in the world are considered rare and very expensive. Gems have been valued for their beauty and the number of things we can use them for. They’re made out of the earth and consist of various minerals that combine to make rare and beautiful stones. Because of how rare some of these gems are and how difficult it is to acquire them a lot of these gemstones become valuable and are chased after by various companies as well as wealthy families, individuals and collectors. The gems listed here are the biggest and some of the world’s most wanted.

A lot of these gems are discovered through expeditions under the earth. The most common way of finding gems is through mining. A lot of them have been discovered by accident as mining companies often search for other resources like gold and oil. An example of these mining companies can be found in our list of 11 Biggest Gold Mining Companies in the World. A lot of these large gemstones are often found raw and then they are refined to be the beautiful gems as we know them today.

There has been a lot of violence and blood in countries that have been mining these gems competitively. It has been a global issue and there are historical bloodbaths surrounding gems like diamonds which are often fought over because of their high selling price. What are the biggest gemstones in the world? Let’s find out as we start this list:

11. The Cullinan

Previously the largest cut diamond in the world, The Cullinan was discovered in Praetoria during 1905. It had a size of 530.29 carats and held the title for 80 years until finally giving the title up to the Golden Jubilee in 1985.