The 11 Biggest Agricultural Companies in the World

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The dominant agriculture companies are revealed as we rank the 11 biggest agricultural companies in the world. Agriculture has been one of the foundations of modern society. By being able to grow our own food supply, we effectively evolved from being a hunting society to a self-sustaining one. Because of agriculture there was no longer need to move from territory to territory in search of a food supply. The growing and yielding of crops allowed villages to be established. These villages eventually became towns and cities.

Though most of us may not be aware, agriculture has also improved both in technology and as a craft. From modest farmers with small crop fields, we now have equipment that can make and harvest crops 10 times faster than before. With this, the size of our fields also increased and could support larger populations. Even demand from other countries was a catalyst to improve the agricultural sector. Much like the 11 Biggest Construction Companies in the World, the agricultural sector has also developed into a global network.

We’ve learned to handle and multiply different types of crops. We studied the seasons, the ins and outs of crops, even made ways to make the process faster and more fruitful. A lot of the food we enjoy today wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for dedicated agricultural companies ensuring the best products. Let’s go ahead to the first in this list:

11. Bernard Matthews Farms

This British firm is an integrated agricultural business. Surprisingly the main product that they sell and ship out are turkeys. They farm almost 7 million turkeys a year. Agriculture is no longer limited to plants and crops but can extend to most goods in the market today. They have around 56 farms in three different locations.


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