11 Biggest Construction Companies in the World

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The list of 11 biggest construction companies in the world illustrates how well has the world recovered from the financial crisis in 2008. Once the bubble burst, many construction companies couldn’t cope with the loss of revenue and simply folded or in rare cases, were bought by more successful conglomerates. Today, the construction market is well recovered and in 2014 it was worth $5.7 trillion, since 2008 low point of 3.9 trillion and all that in the midst of ever present cries for austerity, which combined with high debt most countries find themselves in, have placed a serious curb on public spending, including construction. The financial situation in the world is recovering and that seems to have a major impact on the increase of construction markets. These are the companies that are reaping the largest share of profits from it. They are also heavily involved with 11 biggest oil companies in the world

Biggest Construction Companies in the World



Interestingly, despite the United States being the second largest construction market, with about 10% of value, there’s not a single US company on 11 biggest construction companies in the world list. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is the fragmentation of the market and its size. About one-third of all construction in the United States is private residential and the market leaders D.R Horton, Puite Group, Fluor and Lennar lack profits to be among top 11. In fact, only Lennar and Fluor would be among top 20 construction companies worldwide. Still, construction remains very important market in the United States, employing some 7.3 million workers.

Despite some early signs of slowing down, China remains the biggest construction market in the world. 6 out of 11 companies on our list are from China, a telling size of the market share. However, these companies aren’t relying on the domestic market alone. In that past several years, they have made a significant investment in Africa and other parts of Asia, especially in the Gulf. With a demand for steel in China predicted to rise just 0.8% in 2015, this seems like a prudent move in case domestic construction starts faltering, like many experts predict it will. Other South East Asian countries are experiencing construction spending growth, with India rising 7 % and Vietnam 6.8%. Japan and India are, after China, the largest conduction markets here, valued at $742 billion and $427 billion respectively.

The combined wealth of these 11 biggest construction companies is immense. Together, they have made $610.8 billion in sales, and have a total asset value of $780.5 billion and profits of $18.46 billion. They total market value is $282.6 billion. The numbers speak for themselves.

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