The 10 Worst Video Game Weapons in the History of Humanity

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Compiling a list of the absolute worst video game weapons ever designed is no small undertaking. Gaming has long been centered around combat in many forms, which requires its many antagonists and protagonists to be outfitted with various weapons to smack, shoot, slice, or blast each other around with, shaving away their hit points, heart containers, or whatever other representation of life force the game may devise, with each attack.

Needless to say that over the years, gaming has amassed a very sizable arsenal of weapons. And with that sizable arsenal comes a veritable bunker of horrendous weapons that now have a place in gaming lore and infamy as some of the worst video game weapons ever conceived of.

Unlike our list of the Best Videogame Weapons of All-Time, the weapons on this list are the worst of them all. Whether their design is comically bad (intentional though it may be), they’re particularly incompetent in the potency department, or are saddled with some other offensive (and we don’t mean offensive as in attacking, but rather offensive as in how freakishly annoying they are) attributes, these weapons are embarrassments to gaming, and a cruel joke to the gamers who were forced to wield them.

Just reading our list of these awful weapons may cause you to seek out a weapon of your own to stick in your eye; they’re that bad. Now then, let’s get started with out list of the ten worst video game weapons in the history of the known universe.


No: 10. Teddy Bear – (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within)

Who wouldn’t want to strike terror in the hearts of foes with a cute and cuddly little teddy bear? Jokes aside, other than being a collector’s item in the game, the Teddy Bear has no usefulness whatsoever. Yes, it’s indestructible, but who  in their right mind would want to fight the guardian of time a.k.a The Dahaka, with an indestructible teddy bear which deals little to no damage? Not us.

No: 9. Red Ryder BB Gun – (Fallout: New Vegas)

I guess the only good thing that can be said about this gun is that it has a good magazine capacity. It’s said that cuddling a super mutant to death is more preferable than this very low damage output gun, and we have to agree.

The weapons only get worse from here, if you can imagine it, as we take aim at Dead Space next on our countdown of the worst video game weapons a gamer could ever have the misfortune of coming across.

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