The 10 Free Apps You Aren’t Using, but Should Be

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In this list we will take a look at ten apps you aren’t using, but should be; apps that are not only going to help you with your daily routine but which can also be fun, helpful, and amazing. Do you want to type on a better keyboard? Do you want to ride as a VIP across town, speed up your phone performance, and increase productivity?

As soon as you get a new Phone, you are desperate to download your favorite apps; there is no phone that does not have Facebook, Spotify, Kindle, Angry Birds, etc. But with millions of apps, you are bound to never download some amazing and practical ones, maybe because you don’t know them, maybe because they are not popular enough, but they are out there.

There are millions of amazing apps that you probably never knew about. Settling on apps to use isn’t easy, as everyone has dozens of apps they use and provides different suggestions about which ones are the best, because there is an app (or ten) for everyone. With millions of apps everywhere, how can you decide which ones are actually worth downloading and using? If free apps aren’t your thing and you’d rather splurge on the most expensive apps out there, then check out our list of The 12 Most Expensive Apple Apps in The Market.

This list however have some of the best free apps you probably aren’t using, but should be; let’s get started.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Free on the Google Play Store

Do you hate when your brand new, beautiful phone has a keyboard that doesn’t work for your fingers? Whenever you want to type something it randomly types whatever it wants? Well SwiftKey is a prediction engine that offers suggestions for words as you type them. But that is not all, it also predicts the next word you will need to type based on the words you use the most. It is an app that is constantly learning your way of typing, from email, social media accounts, blogs, etc. If you change your phone, SwiftKey can be stored in the cloud and synced to multiple devices.



Free on iOS

CardMunch converts business cards to address book contacts, and then adds those contacts as connections on LinkedIn. Snap a photo of the business card, upload it to the service, and the information is automatically added to your phone. There is no more reason to find your wallet packed with different business cards, unless you really like how cool a business card is (and believe me, there are some amazing business cards out there). Now you can just take a picture and done, all your networking will be available on your phone.


 The remainder of our list of the apps you aren’t using, but should be continues on the next page.

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