The 10 Most Durable Cell Phones You’ll Find Anywhere

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You’ve probably wondered which are the most durable cell phones on the market. After all, no matter how careful we are with our beloved mobiles, they’re bound to get dropped, banged, battered and bruised at times throughout their lifespans. Well if you have, we’re here to answer that query.

The current craze for cell phones (smartphones, more precisely) and the industry’s large and varied supply in response to this fever, leaves us with endless options from which to choose. Different brands, specs, features, cameras, resolution, display, memory, storage expansion, OS, prices and more. Nowadays, it is particularly difficult to know which smartphone to pick and why. Taking into account that over the last decade cell phones have become more sophisticated and much more delicate, durability is a crucial characteristic to consider when making your choice. Whether you’re a professional climber, a skateboarder, a business man or a working mom, a rugged cell phone may be the solution to your problems.

No one likes having to change their device every time it falls; a good way to avoid this is looking for cell phones which are shockproof. Dustproof and waterproof features also guarantee that your phone will live a longer life. After analyzing these and other characteristics we managed to compile an updated list of the toughest, most rugged cell phones on the market. But if it’s not toughness you’re looking for and you have a large sum to spend on a brand new cell phone, you should check out our list for The 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones on the Market. Eager to discover which are the 10 most durable cell phones?  Let’s begin the countdown.  

10. Sony Xperia Z3

10 Most Durable Cell Phones Even better than its already resistant predecessor (Sony Xperia Z2), this cell phone is quite stunning. Not only does it have a great processor, a good camera and a nice design, it is also water and dust resistant. As far as disadvantages go it is somewhat expensive and the battery is not user replaceable.

9. Tag Heuer Sub Nano

I’m sure this name rings a bell. Yes, you’re right, TAG Heuer is a Swiss company which manufactures watches mainly. But, as you can see, it has branched out to new territories. The luxury brand maintains its high standards in the series of smartphones they’ve developed. Naturally, high quality means high prices. This particular model is very exclusive and only 500 units will ever be produced. Its design is shock-resistant and it has a coat that repels liquids.

8. Runbo X6

10 Most Durable Cell Phones Not a very well-known cell phone by any means, this cell phone nonetheless can endure water damage and high falls without losing its functional capacity.

7. Kyocera Brigadier

10 Most Durable Cell Phones

Significantly superior to the Toque and Hydro models, this cell phone is very tough and comes at a reasonable price. It is uncrackable, water resistant and dust proof; it also withstands vibration, temperature, and humidity. Its sapphire crystal screen ensures durability along with the casing bulked up to help absorb the shocks.

6. CASIO G’zOne Commando 4G LTE

This cell phone is undoubtedly very tough: it meets military standards for ruggedness. Unlike other phones, you may even operate it while wearing gloves!

If you thought those babies were tough, head to the next page to see the cream of the most durable cell phones crop.

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