The 10 Most Technologically Advanced Cities in the World

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Let’s move up the tech ladder as we bring you the 10 most technologically advanced cities in the world. Technology has been an integral part of modern society, bringing us access, convenience and connection to everything and everyone. There were times when mobile phones did not exist as well as wireless networks, when people had to send letters and had no awareness of the digital space known as the internet. As technology developed and these things found a foothold in the norm. It was not an easy transition. There were some countries and specifically some cities that had more access than the rest of the world. This fact is true even today, with all the technology readily available to us, there are still some cities that have advanced technology and have reached far into the potential of many objects we have today.

With this list we take into account the current technology a city has compared to other countries, a big factor in this list as well is the technology one city uses and produces. Also how many technology companies are present there and how much the people and the city contribute to the forward motion of technology. If you’re looking for a list at a much larger scale, we also have the list of The 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World.

Let’s go ahead and check the first of this list:

10. Bangalore

In India, Bangalore is considered the technological hub of the entire country, having more IT and tech companies invested and established in the city. The country itself offers top notch internet with high end infrastructure, many students of the city pursue computers and IT as well which develops to the large investment.


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