8 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

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For most people, choosing a hotel largely comes down to price, so they are uninterested in the various features that come with the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. While it may be more expensive to stay in certain locations, as you can see in our rankings of the top 15 most expensive countries in the world, this list factors in the options for those who don’t care about the expensiveness of a particular region.

Swan and Dolphin Hotel, Orlando, Florida

In other words, if you had an unlimited amount of money, where would you stay? As the number of millionaires in the world continues to rise, there are more and more people who are willing to break the bank on a hotel room. Across the world, hotels compete to provide a room for guests with the most unique and luxurious options available. Many times, these individual rooms can cost almost as much, if not more, than the rest of the entire property.

Ever wondered what you actually get for upwards of $50,000 per night? Ready to plan your billionaire lifestyle? Lets take a look at the most expensive hotel rooms in the world and reveal what could be awaiting you in the future.

8. Royal Plaza Suite at the Plaza Hotel


This hotel, located in downtown New York City, offers its most expensive suite for $30,000 per night. For that money, you get three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and beautiful views of Manhattan. It even has an entertainment area fully equipped with a piano, mini-Movie Theater, and a 12 person private library.

Paris is the next stop on our list of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. See you there on the next page.

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