14 of the Most Beautiful Countries In the World

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Have you ever wondered which countries are the most beautiful countries in the world, or have the most beautiful locations you could ever dream of visiting? We all have our secret list of places we want to visit, and there are hundreds more we’ve never even heard of. You might be planning a global tour, or maybe you just want to write them down. Either way, we’re here to celebrate the amazing things our world has to offer with a collection of the most beautiful locations you could possibly discover in it.

If what you’re looking for is the experience of living in another country, then you can use this list to start planning. However, this is not the only factor that should affect your decision. Do you want to see the mountains outside your window, or do you want to walk on the beach? Do you need the thrill of the city or are you happy with the calm countryside?

Checking the most beautiful countries in the world would be a very good start but, aside from that, you should also think about the quality of life. To do this, we have our own list to recommend: Top 20 Countries With The Best Quality of Life. Some of the places we present here are both beautiful and with a good quality of life, such as the US, the Netherlands and Ireland, so you might want to think about that to help make your decision.

Most of these places have landscapes to die for, but that’s not the only thing you’ll find here: Man has created wonderful buildings, castles, bridges… and they’re worth viewing again and again. La Fontana di Trevi, the Niagara Falls, the Amazons. We could name more than 50 countries or cities with great things to see, but we chose just 14 of them, so you can actually picture your next trip and make it happen. Pack your bags and bring your camera!

14. Brazil (Iguazu Falls)

Iguazu Falls

You’ll be mind-blown with these waterfalls, and if you want more, just check out the Amazon or the city of Rio de Janeiro. You have multiple options to enjoy Brazil!

Our feature on the most beautiful countries in the world makes a stop in the United States next. Check it out on the next page.

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