The 10 Most Controversial Songs Of All Time to Hit (and get Banned from) the Airwaves

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Have you ever wondered which are the most controversial songs of all time? Artists and musicians have always crossed the barriers of what is politically correct, and what is not. Rock and Roll has had, since its beginning, the urge to provoke, to rebel against constraining social structures, initiating controversies and loosening the tight boundaries of societies, which gradually led to moral and societal change. Moreover, music is also a medium to express political and other ideologies, sometimes unpopular, and has been used and still is, as a form of political expression, raising the voices of those who have been oppressed by different regimes, and seeking to introduce cultural, social and economic changes.

Some songs have kicked up such serious controversy that they were banned by the BBC and MTV, which refused to play those songs as part of their chart rundowns. Presenting sexual content, sometimes explicit, and raising up subjects such as racism, sexism, drugs and religion, these songs and their artists stoked both fear and hope in the flames of those who heard them.

Some of these most controversial songs of all time have made history, and some have reached the most popular song charts. If you’re curious about The 10 Most Popular Songs of All-Time, check out the list we’ve made, featuring some of those timeless songs, tracks which will always be popular, despite the variation of music trends. Huge artists, such as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Bob Dylan hit the top of the chart, with popular songs like “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, “Like a Rolling Stone”, or “Imagine”, by John Lennon.

Other tracks have made history not precisely because of their inspiring lyrics or beautiful melody, but rather because of the controversy they roused. So, if you were wondering which are these famous tracks which caused unease and in some cases even produced a revolution, and which were often either censored or banned altogether, take a look at the list we have compiled, gathering the ten most controversial songs of all time. Some you might already know, but some of these songs might as well surprise you!

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