8 Most Racist Cities in Europe

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There is no doubt that Europe is a delight for travelers from all around the world, but do you know that racism is also pretty common there? In this article we will give you the most racist cities in Europe.

Europe is famous for its diverse culture and rich history. The countries in the continent are extremely popular for high living standards. People from with in Europe and different parts of the world, migrate to different countries in the continent in pursuit of a better future. While most of the European countries are extremely welcoming, some of them still haven’t embraced the presence of foreign immigrants. There are certain cities in this parts of the world that aren’t particularly tolerant towards the people migrating from other countries. If you believe that racism in America is the worst, you should visit some of these places in Europe.

Immigration, Racism, No Irish Need Apply

Mentioned below are the 8 most racist cities in all of Europe including Athens, Turin and Graz as the top 3. Let’s take look in depth as to why exactly immigrants have to face such kind of behavior in these parts of the world.

8. Brussels

Brussels is a city in Belgium with a population of 177,300 people.  The city does not seem to have a very good reputation and is considered as one of the most racist cities in Europe due to several reports on tourists getting unjust treatment. The residents have generally been accused of mocking people from different countries in Europe. English speakers in particular become a victim of racial behavior in the city.

Most Racist Cities in Europe


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