The Most Expensive Coffee on the Planet: A Look at the Top 4

No. 3: The Starbucks Frap

Starbucks_CoffeePublic Domain Image: Public Domain

Price tag (per serving): $47.30

Though not a standard Starbucks coffee, the renowned coffee-chain company sold a frappuccino for no less than $47.30 to a fellow named Beau Chevassus. And that includes the 0.10$ deduction for bringing your own cup. So what exactly was put into this cup of coffee to make it so expensive? Well, what started out as a standard frappuccino was embellished with soy, mango, strawberries, caramel topping, vanilla beans, protein and matcha powder, as well as no less than 48 shots of espresso. With all the sugar and caffeine in this concoction we’re actually glad this isn’t a Starbucks standard.