Wondering How to Make a Startup? Follow the 12 Biggest in the Business

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Ever wonder how to make a startup? It’s a question asked by many, but answered by only a few.

The financial crisis of 2007-2008 may have officially ended, but economic uncertainty still lingers in the eyes of many. Nonetheless, there a few entrepreneurs out there who have managed to prevail amidst the skepticism and have set the foundations to their very own successful startup. How successful? An estimated worth of over $1 billion. Quite an impressive feat, considering that most such ventures die out virtually as soon as they are set up, unless you’re Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) of course.

We would like to present you with a list we have compiled of the 12 most valuable startups in America, similar to our coverage of the largest hedge funds in the world. The startups were ranked according to their official valuation, although, where the case arose, we also mentioned their rumored valuation.

The current number one startup is the famous Twitter, valued at a whopping $8 billion, double than what the second startup in our list is worth. Apparently, Digital Sky Technologies knew what they were doing when the decided to invest in this social media platform.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have Realtime, a startup that has recently made its launch in the US. Valued at $1 billion, it might be the lowest rated in our countdown, but its future certainly looks promising.

Apart from Twitter and Realtime, other highlights include Box, Square, and Evernote. Curious to see what other startups have joined the Billion Dollar Club? Let’s take a look at the countdown.

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