The 7 Strangest Sports Stories On Record

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Curious what the strangest sports stories are on record? Regardless if you’re sitting on the bleachers or actually playing on the field, professional sports remains one of the most entertaining industries worldwide. But with so many different sports and the sheer number of competitions played each year, coincidences are bound to happen every now and then.

For all of you out there who are die-hard fans of one sport or another, we have compiled a list of the 7 most bizarre coincidences that have ever happened in the history of professional sports. Enjoy!

No. 7: Denis Times Three

Photo Credit: RicLaf

Back in 1977 in Quebec, Canada, the Montreal Juniors, a local hockey team, fielded three players by the name of Denis. Well, so what you may say. Maybe Denis is as common in Canada as Smith is in the US. However, the long line of similarities between the three players doesn’t end here. The three sportsmen were childhood friends, who had grown up in the same neighbourhood, playing hockey together. And they were all born on the very same date, February the 4th, 1961. Imagine that!

No. 6: The Red Sox and the 17 to 1 Winning Streak

Photo Credit: Boston Public Library

June 17, 1953: Boston Red Sox v. Detroit Tigers. The Red Sox shamelessly defeat the Tigers by a painful 17 to 1 final. The very next day, the Tigers lose the rematch when Red Sox once again manages to score 17 runs. What’s most spectacular is that all runs were scored in 1 inning, the most ever in any American League baseball game.

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