Foods That Boost Your Libido

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Sometimes, when boredom in the bedroom starts to affect your relationship, couples tend to despair and think about hitting the road; but they may not realize that with the help of certain foods that boost your libido, your sex life could just as well be right back on track in no time. For several centuries urban myths have surrounded some food groups and their arousing power, being depicted even as sacred ingredients in some cultures. But while past legends based their knowledge merely on first-hand experience, today science takes the lead in telling us what to ingest when we want to heat things up between the sheets.

The chemical components we find in our daily ingredients certainly alter our bodies, as well as our minds, and knowing their properties can help us chose our meals wisely. Last week we published an article about foods that stain your teeth, so you know what to avoid. In this case, however, you may want to stock up on the following nutrients before your next sexual encounter. So, let’s take a look at the foods that boost your libido and what makes them so alluring.

8. Strawberries/Berries

Red has been proven to be the most arousing colour for men, so it’s no surprise that the devilish red berries are on this list. However, apart from their colouring, strawberries are high in B vitamin folate and vitamin C, which can potentially increase your libido. Furthermore, the nutrients in berries help relax blood vessels and improve circulation, thereby creating a sort of Viagra effect.

7. Dark Chocolate

Possibly the oldest recipe in the book, dark chocolate is a proven stimulant. It contains high levels of a compound called phenylethylamine, which releases the same endorphins in your body that are usually triggered by sexual contact. Eating dark chocolate with your spouse, apart from being delicious, also increases the feeling of mutual attraction.

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