Foods That Stain Your Teeth

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There’s a big difference between the smile you see in a Colgate add and the one you find on most people, but what many don’t know is that there are certain foods that stain your teeth, causing that typical dark colouring. While many of these products can be avoided, it seems ridiculous to not ingest others for fear of tainting your tooth’s enamel. However, you can reduce the damage caused by most of the foods and beverages on this no-go list by simply chewing and swallowing them quickly, so that their discolouring components don’t linger in your mouth. The trick with beverages in particular, is to use a straw when drinking them, thereby avoiding direct contact with the teeth.

In one of our previous articles about 12 everyday products you’ve been using completely wrong, we pointed out a misconception regarding toothpaste and how much of it is really necessary to keep your pearly whites clean. In this case, we’ll be focusing on what the dentist isn’t telling you about the ingredients in your kitchen and why they’re causing more harm than gain. So, put on your best smile and take a look the top foods that stain your teeth.

8. Red wine

Most people enjoy a glass of red wine with their dinner, but as you surely guessed by the purple colouring of this beverage, it’s not the best for your teeth. The acidic components chromogen and tannin are known for causing stains on any surface, so be sure to rinse with water between sips of wine.

7. Tea

Another beverage with high doses of tannins is tea, which surprisingly stains even more than coffee. However, if you can’t drop your tea-drinking habit, go for herbal, green, or white variations, instead of black tea, as these are less likely to stain your tooth enamel.

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