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15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

If you’re in a bad mood, then reading our list of 15 funny beauty pageant questions will certainly cheer you up.

Beauty pageants are being held all across the world. No matter what we think about them, most people watch beauty pageants even if they don’t like them. Why is that? Well, I guess that we just have this strange need to compare ourselves to everybody else. Who is prettier than who, who is smarter than who…It goes on and on, and it seems as if it isn’t even our choice because we are somehow involved in all that from the moment we are born. In fact, we love beauty pageants so much that we even organize beauty pageants for babies and toddlers only where we decide which child is the prettiest. I don’t know about you, but I believe all children are beautiful so this may be pointless.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Jade ThaiCatwalk/

So why do we like beauty pageants? Perhaps it has to do something with our desire to define everything so we rate the contestants according to their physical appearance which may be pretty harsh. Some people are concerned about what message do beauty pageants send to young girls everywhere. Girls obsess about their weight and appearance anyway, so these competitions based on looks may emphasize that issue. We seek some sort of perfection which, in my opinion, is a very subjective thing, and cannot be defined anyway.

But whatever my opinion may be on this matter, I must admit that there is more to beauty pageants that simply walking around in bikinis looking fabulous. Believe it or not, it takes more than beauty to become a beauty queen. The contestants need to look amazing, yes, but there is more to it. They need to show that they are more than beautiful, that they think and engage in various projects, and they need to show that they have an opinion about certain things. They have an opportunity to show all that in the interview portion of beauty pageants, where they are asked some casual questions, but also some very serious ones too.

We wrote about this topic in our previous list of 10 Political Pageant Interview Questions, where we presented some of the complex questions that contestants are faced with. They are often asked to comment current events on the political stage and express their opinion about various things. Although earlier, their personal political beliefs could remain private, that’s no longer the rule so the contestants need to be careful what they say. This part is not very easy for the potential beauty queens because they need to give answers which will not cause anyone to judge them or dislike them. They use this opportunity to get some applause and win the audience.

At times, these questions are very amusing, and some answers become so popular that everyone is talking about them the next day. This isn’t always a positive thing though since the answers can be hilarious. It’s no surprise considering how the judges can come up with some pretty confusing questions that the contestants couldn’t prepare for. But hey, we all make mistakes and we forget about it soon anyway. Well, we forget about it after it goes viral and everybody sees it. One such situation happened at the beauty pageant back in 2007 when Miss Carolina gave her famous answer which you can hear on YouTube.

Today, we decided to deal with that less serious side of beauty pageants so we found funny questions that are often asked during the interviews. We read a lot of Beauty Pageant Questions, and we also visited Storify to find funny to present to you. Some of the questions surprised us by how weird they are, some were super serious and complex, while others were very amusing. Now, you may notice that a lot of questions in the list are related to food but that is a coincidence (although food is my favorite pass time). All jokes aside, check out our list of 15 funny beauty pageant questions.

15. What is Your Favorite Body Part?

 While this may not be the funniest questions to some people, we must admit that it’s at least pretty weird to pick a favorite body part. The bets part is that although the question is silly, you have to answer seriously.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Bart Sadowski/

14. Which Celebrity Would You Invite to a Dinner Party And Why?

Everyone has a favorite celebrity, so the question is not hard, but it is kind of funny, and that party would probably be so fun! Well, at least you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing for this part of the interview.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Everett Collection /

13. If You Were a Pet, Whose Pet Would You be?

If I was asked the same thing, I don’t have any idea what I would say. While it’s funny, it also requires some serious thought too. You must really like a person to want to be their pet, right?

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions


12. What Makes You Blush?

This one on our list of funny beauty pageant questions really takes a few moments to think about. Does anyone blush nowadays anyway? And what can make you blush for a moment?

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Andrey Bayda /

11. Is Food The Most Interesting Way to Reduce Stress if Yes Why?

This question may yet be my favorite one. Most of us eat when we’re stressed out, and that’s one of the greatest joys of life, I must admit. It certainly is an interesting way to reduce stress.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions


10. What Are The Three Most Important Things in The Kitchen And Why?

It may be funny but this question is probably hard for beauty pageant contestants since I don’t believe they spend so much time in the kitchen…But it would probably be amusing to listen to all the answers.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Angel Simon/

9. Tell me Something About Yourself That No one Else Knows?

This question number 9 on our list of funny beauty pageant questions can be funny if the contestant decides to share a funny detail about her that no one else knows. I’m sure the audience and the judges don’t expect a juicy secret to be revealed. Instead, they probably expect a cute little habit that no one knows about or something like that. It’s interesting anyway.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Pixabay/Public Domain

8. You’re About to Die, What do You Have as Your Last Meal?

Another food-related question on our list of 15 funny beauty pageant questions and this one is equally great. Really, what could a person choose of all the delicious things we enjoy eating all the time?

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions


7. If You Had to Eat One Thing For The Rest of Your Life, What Would it be?

Sometimes, even though we like something very much, it tends to become boring after a while if we don’t have much choice. Just like wearing your perfect T-shirt or eating your favorite salad every day. So whatever your favorite food is, it would probably become boring soon if that was the only thing you could eat for the rest of your life.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

JM Travel Photography/

6. If You Were a Fruit, What Fruit Would You be And Why?

To be (a banana) or not to be..? This question number 6 on our list of funny beauty pageant questions is definitely amusing since no matter what you say, it will still be funny so we included it in our list. Probably all contestants would simply choose their favorite fruits.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Africa Studio/

5. If You Were The Judge, What Question Would You Ask The Contestants And Why?

If you could create your own questions for the beauty pageant and prepare answers for them, would it be any easier? As most of the pageant questions are pretty common and known to everyone, this is a chance for the contestants to be creative and come up with a fresh different question.

4. If You Could Have One Superpower, What Would it be And Why?

We all had favorite heroes growing up and we imagined what having superpowers would be like. Searching for funny pageant interview questions, we came across this one and it is one of the cutest questions in our list of funny beauty pageant questions.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Sergey Nivens/

3. If You Could Perform in a Circus, What Would Your Act be and Why?

The question number three on our list of funny beauty pageant questions strikes me as weird because who would ever think about this when preparing for the interview portion of a beauty pageant? It certainly is unusual, but it’s kind of funny too. I would have to think about it for a few moments before replying though.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Guryanov Andrey/

2. If You Could Be Any Animal, Which Would You Choose And Why?

We all have a favorite animal. Some people like cats, others are fans of dogs, rabbits, etc., but if you could be an animal, would you rather pick a fluffy defenseless bunny or a fierce tiger? The answer to this question probably says a lot about a person.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions


1. If You Could be a Crayon, What Color Crayon Would You Choose to be And Why?

Can this last question on our list of 15 funny beauty pageant questions be any weirder? It would confuse me certainly and a bunch of nonsense would probably come out as a result. But it definitely is interesting and unusual.

15 Funny Beauty Pageant Questions

Pixabay/Public Domain