10 Political Pageant Interview Questions

If you’re curious about the types of questions contestants are asked in beauty pageants, then read our list of 10 political pageant interview questions.

We may or may not support beauty pageants but regardless of our opinion, they are being held everywhere. Ever since we learn how to walk and talk, we are somehow involved in all sorts of competitions where we are compared to other kids. There is something inexplicable about beauty pageants that people will simply love. What is it about it that we enjoy so much? Is it the judging of a contestant’s appearance? And how is beauty defined anyway? What one person considers beautiful may be hideous for another so how do we choose the most beautiful woman? It never seizes to puzzle me.

10 Political Pageant Interview Questions

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However, I must admit that there is more to beauty pageants that simply walking around in bikinis looking stunning. Although it may seem like all it takes is to look gorgeous to become a beauty queen, it takes more than that. Besides beauty and grace, contestants need to show that they are capable of more than just being beautiful. They must balance brains with beauty as having only one of them is not enough. There, on the stage, they have an amazing opportunity to show that they are able to do. To show that they can do more than look lovely. The interview portion of beauty pageants is where contestants can win our support or lose it, based on their answers. During these few moments, all eyes are on them, and everyone is listening to what they’ll say. They can either amaze us or disappoint us and the pressure of knowing this must be terrible. The interview questions are sometimes similar so the contestants can prepare ahead of time. Read our list 50 Common Beauty Pageant Questions and Answers for Teenagers to find out what those questions are.

Pageant interview questions are tricky since no contestant wants to alienate any viewers, so the answers must satisfy everyone. It sounds pretty hard to do, right? It is especially difficult if the contestants have only a few seconds to think of an answer that will elate everyone in the audience as well as viewers across the world. Sometimes, the contestants are faced with very complex political questions and they are expected to give their opinion on current events. We found such questions on The Washington Post and Storify, to name a few sources that we’ve used, and we collected the most interesting ones to make a list of 10 political pageant interview questions.