Birth Chart Compatibility Predictions: Get Free Reports From These Sites

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If you want to know whether or not the object of your affections is a good match for you, check out our list of birth chart compatibility predictions, and get free reports from these sites.

As someone who is very interested and practiced in astrology, this is an especially interesting topic for me to write about. The wonderful thing about birth charts (also known as natal charts) is, if you know the city, date, and exact time of someone’s birth– and yes, you must know down to the minute– then you can potentially unlock all you need to know about that person. A birth chart essentially tells you exactly where the planets were aligned in reference your physical location on Earth at the moment of your birth. This might sound a bit complicated, and thousands of years ago it was; but today, with the benefits of technology, it is quite simple to dabble in even fairly advanced astrology!

I know my own birth chart by heart. It is about as unique to me as a fingerprint, and it explains the deepest layers of my personality, thoughts, reasoning, communication style, etc. My sun is in Pisces, which means that I potentially have an open mind, I am able to identify with a variety of people from all walks of life, I am gifted in and passionate about the arts, I tend to be/feel misunderstood, I am a bit spacey, and I have a deep love for both earthly beings and the divine. I can tell you that all of this is extremely accurate. Aside from just my sun sign (which is what people are referencing when they ask “Hey baby, what’s your sign?”), I also have my Moon in Aquarius, my Pluto in Scorpio, and my rising in Aquarius. If all of this sounds like a foreign language to you, get busy researching! If you are not extremely well-versed in astrological matters, you may not know what each planet controls, or what each sign means. Luckily, these sites will help you out.

On our list of birth chart compatibility predictions, you can simply enter your information and the information of someone you would like to test your compatibility with, and you’ll instantly get a reading. I personally use our #1 pick all the time, and I have had quite good results with it. We can never know for sure what the future holds, and we can never hope to understand every single thing about ourselves or others. But just remember, the stars don’t lie.  We compiled our list from suggestions on Quora. All of our picks are free to use, and fairly simple.

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Keep reading to learn more details about each of the items on our list of birth chart compatibility predictions.

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