Best TED Talks on Education

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What are the best TED talks on education? There are countless TED Talks out there to inspire you to improve virtually every facet of your life, regardless of your particular field of work. But today, we would like to focus on the Best TED Talks for Education. Browse through our selection to uncover tons of neat and creative ways to improve education.

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Best TED Talks on Education

No. 6: Emily Pilloton: Teaching design for change

Change is often powered by creativity, and this is what Pilloton tries to tell us in one of the best TED Talks on Education. By offering her own example, Pilloton shows us how students’ bodies and mind can be engaged so as to provide more opportunities.

No. 5: Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution

Like most other speakers on our best TED Talks on education countdown, Sir Ken Robinson also makes a point out of stating that the education system is in a serious need for a revolution. Instead of focusing on tradition and standards, Robinson urges us to provide children with the circumstances they need to develop their talents.

No. 4: Taylor Mali: What teachers make

Unfortunately enough, teachers are not as highly regarded as they should be and this is exactly what Mali tries to show in one of the best TED Talks on education. During his 3 minute video, poet Mali shows us that teachers cannot only teach, but they can actually do a lot of things, contrary to popular belief.

No. 3: Daphne Koller: What we’re learning from online education

In the era of the Internet, online education has become an important aspect in our day to day life. In one of the best TED Talks on education around, Koller urges universities to offer free online courses, so as to promote research and education furthering amongst students.

No. 2: Ken Robinson – Changing education paradigms

Amongst our selection of the best TED Talks on Education we have Ken Robinson and his Changing education paradigms video. In his video, Robinson points out 3 major issues that currently plague the education system: ever increasing drop-out rates, more and more children diagnosed with ADHD, and the minor role arts play in education. If there ever was a video that made you realize that something needs to change in our education system, this is it.

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