TED Talks: The Best of the Best in Tech

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Curious about TED’s best of the best? One of the greatest platforms created in the 21st century is TED talks. All you need is an internet connection and a whole bunch of interesting and inspiring videos become available. Since the slogan of the TED company is “Ideas Worth Spreading,” each 15-minute TED talk provides many insights and ideas on a variety of subjects. The fact that over 500 million viewers have watched these videos is a testament to their popularity and their impact on modern culture.

TED is a non-profit company and it’s a key representative of a variety of conferences that take place in several locations worldwide. The first TED conference took place in 1984 and hosted three subjects: entertainment, technology and design. Currently, the number of subjects has extended a bit, and also includes business, science, and global issues.

Steve JobsSince, there are over 1,000 speeches available online, it is hard for one to pick the most interesting and inspiring. With this in mind, we have compiled the list of the 20 best TED talks of all-time, where we included Ken Robinson, Steve Jobs, and Jill Bolte Taylor as top speakers.

This time, we decided to narrow our list of the best TED talks to a particular subject, and we chose technology as the topic of our list.

On the following pages you can see many awe-inspiring videos and speeches, such as a discussion of touch screen technology, which is sensitive to pressure, and words of wisdom from who else but Steve Jobs. Without giving away too much of the list, there are also sea creatures involved, and an iPod might just make a surprise splash, so to speak.

Let’s take a look at TED’s best of the best in technology:

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