Best Bourbon For The Money: 10 Best Bourbons Under $50

Best Bourbons Under $50: Everybody (of legal age) has a drink of choice. Mine is whiskey. I do enjoy drinking beer and wine, as well as a variety of cocktails, but whenever the choice is given I am most likely to take a neat scotch or bourbon over anything else. Scotch and Bourbon are probably the most popular types of whiskey, but there are other types as well like Irish whiskey, rye whiskey, malt, blend, and so on. We are not going to delve into the differences between different types of whiskey and will solely discuss bourbon, as you might’ve already figured out from the title of the article.

When someone asks me what the differences between bourbon and whiskey are, I say that the rule is: all bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon. To elaborate, bourbon has to be made in America, preferably in Kentucky, but not in Tennessee, which earned its own type of whiskey due to some differences in process compared to other bourbons. Technology-wise, bourbon should be made with 51% corn, it has to be distilled to no more than 160 proof (80% alcohol by volume) and has to be kept in new charred oak barrels, as compared to whiskey, which has to be stored in simple oak barrels. Bourbon has to be put in the barrel at 125 proof (62.5% alcohol by volume and bottled at no less than 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume).

Best Bourbon For The Money: 10 Best Bourbons Under $50

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Now, similar to wine, there’s an aging period for bourbon and there are bottles that range from a couple of dollars to high-end prices of over $3,000. And similar to wine, there’s the common misconception that the more expensive and older the bourbon, the better it tastes, which is not always the case. Of course there are Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey or Old Fitzgerald Very Old 8 Year Old Bourbon, which cost north of $3,000 and must taste heavenly, but you can also pick up a bottle under $50.

So, whether you want to enjoy one of the 11 Easiest Alcoholic Drinks to Digest at home alone, or in the company of your friends, or are looking for a great gift for someone, here’s our take on the 10 best bourbons under $50.