9 Quick and Easy Team Building Exercises for Managers

If you got a new team of managers, you should definitely try out some quick and easy team building exercises for managers that work like a charm! Activities are the most fun and effective way to assess and improve on skills. And, when you have a team that will be heading other employees in future, there are quite a few skills they need to have under their belt. Good thing is, with these exercises you can not only pinpoint at specific areas for development, but you can actually spend minimum time in doing it.

So, what skills are we talking about? Well, for starters new managers need to be great planners; for they will be doing a lot of planning once their work begins. They’d also be negotiating with clients and vendors, round the clock. These quick and easy team building exercises we are recommending can help them brush up their planning and negotiating skills in no time and since they are so much fun, nobody is complaining.

For marketing managers, some strong marketing and convincing skills aren’t a bad bet at all! So we included some activities that can address those areas as well. Of course, you can do them from time to time to keep the team on its toes and be sure they are never slacking. And, like we said, we are sure everybody will be enthusiastic about them because they are a great way to take a break from work and still be building on the much-needed expertise.



Nevertheless, for a great management team to function properly you will need a great team of subordinates who are well bonded together. So consider checking out our other list of The 6 Best Company Team Building Activities to Build Workplace Camaraderie, and get some ideas to build a strong well-connected team that works together in perfect unison.

So are you all on board now? Let’s check out the fun activities that will give you guaranteed results!