9 Places to Visit in Italy Before You Die

How incredible are the best places to visit in Italy before you die? I’m sure you can name quite a few off the top of your head, and we have some of the regulars mixed in with a few less familiar cities or towns to add to your list.

If you’re the chic beach bummer, I hope you’re excited about being on the coastal waters of the Mediterranean; there’s almost nowhere better to be. Indescribable vistas are included. What about ancient site hunting and historically notable landmarks? Delving into history is nothing short of impossible to miss while you’re here. Whether you see it in the museum, or where it’s preserved at the base of volcano can be your choice, both should go on the list.

Bucchi Francesco/Shutterstock.com

Bucchi Francesco/Shutterstock.com

Surely there’s no missing out on the food capital and then pairing it with some local wine that’s impeccably increasing your thirst for more. You will definitely find your fill in every city, there’s no question about that.

Being that this is often a top travel destination for US citizens, and many others from around the world, you can bet that there’s amenities that you would get at home, or more. Italy is a perfectly comfortable country to travel in, even when you’re thousands of feet up in the air ready to ski in some fresh white snow, or gliding your way through the canals in the famous city of Venice. If a romantic getaway is on your list, Italy is there to dazzle you and your loved one.

With so many best places to visit in Italy before you die, it pretty much takes care of all a holidayer could want. With that said, you ultimately need to choose where you want to go. So here are just a few to get you started.

9. Verona

So in case you wanted the ultimate romantic spot, here it is. Besides being the home of the set for Romeo and Juliet, a few medieval castles, Roman ruins, and specularly historic churches, it’s also considered one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. The sightseeing is truly breathtaking, leave the piazzas as your escape for the end of the day to nourish yourself with the welcoming Italian cuisine.