9 Places to Visit in Ireland Before You Die

There are truly some incredible places to visit in Ireland before you die. It’s more than just an upcoming top travel destination for US citizens, it’s popular for people around the world, and it’s getting bigger. If you’re wondering if Ireland is safe, put those thoughts away. Ireland has its trouble areas and moments like many countries do, but overall it’s very safe. Use your regular precautions when traveling.

POM POM/Shutterstock.com

POM POM/Shutterstock.com

So you’re wondering what best places to visit in Ireland before you die…There isn’t enough time to name all the beautiful and amazing destination this European country can offer, but we are happy to start you off.

We have a  selection of a few spots, some are more known than others. What are you looking for for your Irish getaway? Will it be a vacation full of thriving nature and adventurous activities? The mountain ranges and trails that wind their way through will keep you busy for days and days. Are you into the historical scene? Ireland has buildings that are hundreds of years old and provide its onlookers with architectural delight.

Coastal destination, islands, castles, cliffs, and more will be greeting you every which way you look. This is such a truly magnificent place to enjoy, and we have a list to get you started off on the right foot during your visit to Ireland.

9. Kilkenny

There’s a thriving art and culture scene here at Kilkenny and the amazing music and art festivals that are held throughout the year surely shouldn’t be missed. The focal point of the city though, the castle that has been here for over 800 years. If you’re in a need of a good brew, which in Ireland is always, then head over the Smithwick’s Brewery for a pint and a tour.