9 Places to Visit in France Before You Die

Out of all the places to visit in France before you die, it’s without a doubt Paris the first city to come to mind. It’s no doubt that Paris is the top tourist city in France, actually, in the world, but France is much more than a famous painting in the Louvre or a tall iron structure set in  beautiful park. This is not meant to give the city of Paris any grief, but you won’t find Paris on this list due to it’s obvious spot on the list. Everyone knows about Paris, so what else does France offer?

Well if all things bubbly and grape make you happy, see the birthplace of champagne and take down enough sparkly until you feel like some incredible wine fusions in your glass instead. There’s also chic shopping centers, ancient sites to roam about, historically important buildings, and seeing what inspired a highly revered artist and painter.

prochasson frederic/Shutterstock.com

prochasson frederic/Shutterstock.com

If scenery is more your thing, it will be impossible to look away. With the Alps gracing its presence in the east, you will be hard pressed to not be amazed and dazzled at the scenery. If the sun, sand, and sea are more your cup of tea, hop over to the French Riviera or other coastal gems featured on the Mediterranean.

A number of places to visit in France that are safe and beautiful will surely motivate you to make your list a bit longer when you visit. There’s a good reason why this is one of the top travel destination for US citizens, as well as for tons of others mystified with France.

9. Giverny

On the borderline of Normandy is an idyllic rural community living on the banks of a river. The country gardens are flourishing with their array of green and brightly color flowers. This is where the famous painter, Monet, got his inspiration and you won’t wonder why when you see this place.