9 Highest-Paying Countries for Veterinarians

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Which are the highest-paying countries for veterinarians?

So, you are really passionate about all animals and their well-being and would do anything to stop them suffer. That is why you chose appropriate education in order to become a veterinarian. You may think it is absolutely priceless to help sick and injured animals, take care of them and see the light of gratitude in their eyes. It is definitely one of the best feelings in the world to know you made a cute rabbit, cow or a dog healthy and happy again. One more beautiful creature will live longer because of your professional knowledge and skills – isn’t it nice? But, it is even better if you are properly paid for this great job. This fact is even more important if you have a family to look after and a lot of bills to pay. Veterinarians and all other people who work in all fields of medicine should be awarded for their humanity and responsibility, regardless of the country they live in. Is this always true?

9 Highest Paying Countries for Veterinarians


All the people who specialized in animal medicine complete almost the same tasks anywhere in the world – diagnosing, treating infections and wounds, vaccinating, advising, fixing broken bones, performing surgeries or euthanasia, monitoring the health of animals, etc. however, they are not paid evenly. If you are a veterinarian, you may want to know a little bit about incomes of your colleagues from all over the world and compare their wages with the money you earn. Maybe you are thinking about moving to one of the highest-paying countries for veterinarians so you can live easily and without so many debts? If so, this interesting list is made especially for you.

We created it with a little help from Federation of Veterinarians of Europe. Their survey of the veterinary profession in Europe shows average salaries for every country on this continent. Here is an interesting fact – according to this survey, female European veterinarians often earn less than their male colleagues. It is a serious topic for discussing with their employers.

We used Payscale also to check annual wages for veterinarians in different countries. Few countries with highest GPD per capita were in our focus as annual salaries of their inhabitants are usually the highest too. At the end, our source was the article about 11 Highest Paying States in America for Veterinarians. After we combined and compared all of this useful info, here is a list of 9 highest-paying countries for veterinarians. Take a quick look and imagine how it would be to live and work in one of those parts of the world. But, we warn you not to dream too much – have in mind all the costs of living in such places, too. Also, be aware that there are salary differences between regions in each country. This rule can apply to any country in the world, not just this list. Now, let’s take a look, starting with number 9:

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