9 Entry Level Government Jobs With No Experience Needed

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Often, people see working for the government as a dream job because such positions often come with great job stability, great benefits and competitive pay, so we wanted to check out a few entry level government jobs with no experience needed.

So, why would one choose a government job over a private firm? Well, because the average government salaries are competitive with any private and nonprofit sectors, although, of course, it also matters the area of work you’re going to do.

Another advantage is that if you want to move to another city or another state, it’s impossible not to find some kind of government work there, or a way to relocate on a similar position to the one you’re already occupying. Furthermore, federal jobs are available for every skill you may think of, which would suit you just fine in your desire to mix work with passion.

Since this is a federal job we’re talking about, we should also point out that you’re probably going to get a better life/work balance here than anywhere else, as well as great opportunities to advance.

On the downside, the bureaucracy will likely drive you made even when you’re working from within. The hiring process is also one that you’ll need steel nerves to get through, as well as plenty of patience.

You will also have to make sure you are perfectly aware of the fact that you will not be getting rich on a government job salary anytime soon. While the jobs pay well, they’re not going to have you bringing millions in every year. If you changed your mind about the way you looked at the government jobs, you should also check our list of 16 high paying jobs without a degree.

For our list of entry level government jobs with no experience needed today we went and checked out USA Jobs, the official website of the United States government, looking for those jobs that meet our requirements. In order to find positions that would not require any previous experience, we decided to check out the jobs for students and recent graduates. While no previous experience in a similar job is required, it goes without saying that you still need a college degree to get a job here. We also excluded the jobs where a year of service was required. We also included a couple of internships – even though they’re not exactly full-paying jobs, you still get some money, and the requirements are even lower.

That being said, here are a few entry level government jobs with no experience needed.

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