9 Dance Classes for Toddlers in NYC

If your toddler already has moves and loves dancing, they could be the next viral hit with our list of 9 dance classes for toddlers in NYC. 

While I loved to sing as a toddler, I don’t remember dancing much, probably because I have never had any rhythm. Dancing can be a great outlet for expressing emotions, interpreting the meaning of music, honoring traditions, or simply just doing it to have fun and relax. There is typically coordination among your movements. If they don’t coordinate, that’s still cool, you can still dance to your own beat and rhythm. The history of people dancing started in ancient times. We can trace it to India, Egypt, China and Greece for as far as history can tell. During those times it was a form of ritual when someone needed to get healed, or for other rituals such as weddings, which has remained a thing today. In ancient times, the people also did dancing as a form of entertainment for guests or as a form of celebrating victory after a war was won and the soldiers came home.

9 Dance Classes for Toddlers in NYC

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Many days, I wish I had more rhythm than I do. Many of my friends are great dancers, with a lot more rhythm than me. One of my friends works as a dancer and is immensely talented. I mainly wish I was a great dancer for the really cool and unique opportunities it affords. For example, you can travel the world dancing on a cruise ship, you can dance back up for global pop stars, and you can even be in some of the big name Broadway shows. How cool would that be? From jazz to hip-hop, to folk and ballet, the dance world is vast, if you are passionate about it, you can do some pretty amazing things.

Babies enjoy music and they even dance along to an upbeat tune. As early as eight months, they can learn to dance. Babies don’t comprehend instructions as this stage though, but they just move along with the sound. This is a great start in developing a tot’s motor skills, language, and even vocabulary. Confidence and discipline will also be developed. Most dance classes will usually accept students around two to three years old and so on. Most of the time, little ones must be accompanied by parents or babysitters which are usually the rules to most dance classes for toddlers in NYC. You just have to see if you can drop off your kids or a companion is required. But no worries, this would be a great bonding for you and your tots. Aside from dance classes for toddlers in NYC, there are also dance classes for adults. If you want to get started in ballet, take a look at our article on 9 Cheap Ballet Classes in NYC for Adults.

We managed to get results for our list from the Class Curious database and did some additional checking using a Google Search. The results were impressive and most have year round dance schedules. They also have various events that feature their hardworking students. Our list is not ranked in any particular order, but all the studios have a dance class that focuses on toddlers.

If you think your little one has talent, you will want to sign them up to one of our 9 dance classes for toddlers in NYC below.