9 Celebrities Turned Successful Entrepreneurs

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Hollywood may bring instant fame and fortune, but not so much stability, which is why these 9 celebrities turned successful entrepreneurs have created a different career path for themselves. We all have heard of artists who were once at the peak of their careers, then suddenly disappeared from the limelight.

Celebrities Turned Successful Entrepreneurs

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Take for example rapper 50 cent who filed for bankruptcy last year and host Larry King, who did the same thing back in 1978. Some just decided to quit Hollywood altogether such as actress Phoebe Cates, who retired from acting in 1994 in order to raise her kids. Same goes for “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” actor Rick Moranis, who left the industry in 1997 to take care of his children after his wife passed away.

There are actors who are fortunate enough to build a legacy in Hollywood. There are also those who have become instant stars like the ones we featured in the 11 celebrities who got famous from YouTube. Either way, it’s important for celebrities to look beyond show business and explore other things in case their last curtain call happens.

We curated this list from Inc.com, Business Insider, CNBC, Fortune, and AOL. Celebrities who are mentioned in any two of these or more made it to our list. These business-savvy stars are ranked according to their current net worth. Hollywood success and longevity isn’t guaranteed, thus these celebrities have decided to carve out their own path in the business arena. Let’s get some ideas and inspiration from these entrepreneur artists!

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