11 Celebrities Who Got Famous from YouTube

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YouTubers, this one is for you; today we speak of the 11 celebrities who got famous from YouTube. Famous artist Andy Warhol, founder of the pop-art culture, predicted that everybody will have their 5 minutes of fame in the 21st century. Truth be told, Andy was right; today we have instant celebrities who got their fame on the Web, specifically from YouTube.

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YouTube was founded in 2005, and from then it has been a place where we can explore and enjoy various videos of any type. The YouTube content is immensely large, from our favorite music to funny videos and even tutorials for learning new skills. People are continuing to post videos every day, giving YouTube the popularity and chance to compete with the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Considering this fact, it didn’t take much for people to realize that YouTube can be a breakthrough point for those who want to escape their anonymity and step into the world of fame.

The content is what determines will the video go viral on the Web, or it will just be viewed by your nearest friends and family. Statistics says that the majority of videos fail to attract public interest. More than a half posts get less than a hundred views during their first month; in fact, only 30% of the videos are clicked more than 200 times. But these celebrities prove that there are exceptions to this rule, and that a quality video can go extremely popular; up to the measure of ensuring instant fame for its creator.

Fame is everything in the modern world, and celebrities have become prominent figures in every aspect of public life. Their enormous popularity enables them to influence the public opinion, and we wrote an article about the 11 celebrities who should run for president, proving what fame can accomplish today.

And now from words to actions; let’s find out who earned his fame from your clicks, we give you the list of the 11 celebrities who got famous from YouTube.

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