9 Best Places to Visit in Azerbaijan Before You Die

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We have a great list of the best places to see in Azerbaijan before you die right here for you, but with a plethora of historical sights and interesting towns and villages, it’s by all means not comprehensive. This small country does pack quite a bit of punch. Come here and be in awe of the architecture that’s on display around every corner. Whether you’re impressed by the city wall, Muslim mosques, or by what mother nature has to offer you here, you will see something fascinating around ever turn.

There are numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites that all tell a story of a time long long ago. The hammams are a great choice to get a dose of relaxation at the end of the day, and if you’re the intrepid traveler, there are plenty of hikes and trails to conquer that will reward you with incredible vistas. So which activities interest you most? Active and beautiful sights, or ancient and historical monuments? Good, you can choose both here!


The best places to see in Turkey before you die  are not too far away from Azerbaijan, so when visiting the more popular neighbor, it could be a good idea to pop over here to see what else can be seen in the inspiring region.

Doing some research and taking precautions when traveling is always necessary, Azerbaijan is no exception. There should be nothing to worry about, but using your common sense and checking up on current situations is advised.

So when you’re on your next holiday in this region, you might want to reconsider and add some of these best places to see in Azerbaijan before you die.

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