9 Best Places To Visit in Austria Before You Die

 What an impressive list of the best places to visit in Austria before you die. This is some of Austria’s best of the best, but when you are such an awesome, beautiful, and history-rich country, it’s hard to really say what is worth visiting or not.

While nine places only showcases some of the best places to visit in Austria that are safe and beautiful, we know your travels through the country will add some more to the list. But first, is Austria safe? The answer, yes it is. Of course, everyday precautions will need to be taken and common sense will need to be used, but Austria’s a well traveled, friendly place and all people are welcomed.

Alex Poison/Shutterstock.com

Alex Poison/Shutterstock.com

So what is there to see? Are old castles and fortresses of interest to you? Important and ancient relics from many years ago on display at museums? Art and music, perhaps? What really makes your holidays the best it can be? Jaw-dropping sights will be a given, after all, you will be often surrounded by some of the most remarkable mountains in Europe. Speaking of mountains, I hope you’re ready for some trekking during the summer, or skiing at a top winter destination when the temperatures drop.

If you have been to the best places to visit in Croatia before you die , you know Eastern Europe has a flair of its own, but just wait and see when you get to Austria;  you will be even more amazed by its beauty. So what types of things would you like to see here? Don’t make your mind up yet, check these out these best places to visit in Austria before you die first…