8 Places to Visit in Croatia Before You Die

Out of all the places in Europe, one has to see all these best places to visit in Croatia before you die. It would be a crying shame not to. This country isn’t necessarily the #1 place on people’s Europe itinerary, but after reading this, we are pretty confident that will change.

Croatia is an incredible country that is rich in history, teeming with some of the most drop dead gorgeous natural attractions and provides some equally amazing beaches to chill out on after you’re exhausted from a day of exploring. What more can a vacationer ask for in a destination?

Let us warn you that some of these spots may seem too good to be true or too beautiful to be real, so prepare to be astonished at the magnificent destinations this country holds.

While there are many place you must see in Europe before you die, many flock to Italy, France, Spain and Germany. They often forget about Eastern Europe, but we think it will be more common in the future to check these spots out rather than overlook them. Because they aren’t too popular, this is the best time to go. There really are so many places to visit in Croatia before you diel. We have eight incredible destinations here for you to check out, but with this country getting discovered more and more, we’re sure this list will grow longer and longer.

So here’s a few spots to get you started, but we know you surely won’t stop here. Croatia is too fascinating to look away that quickly. So let’s get started!

8. Pula

This has been a popular destination since Roman times, when people scampered there way here to see gladiators battles for their lives. Nowadays, the amphitheater isn’t hosting any bloody battles, but you can see it,  as well as the other beautiful sites this city offers. Beaches, sailing, architecture, historical sites, temples, and more can be enjoyed here.

OPIS Zagreb/Shutterstock.com

OPIS Zagreb/Shutterstock.com