10 Crazy Facts About India

If our post “50 Crazy Facts About Japan You Won’t Believe” didn’t excite you then get ready for these 10 Crazy Facts About India. For people living outside India, this list might help them understand the biggest democracy of the world in a better way. India is also the second-largest country in terms of population, second only to China. The majority of the population in India is between 20 – 40 years old and this can be a very favorable situation for any country. Imagine more than half of India’s population, more than 1 billion people actually, in a state to work and contribute to the development of the country. This is India’s real asset, which, unfortunately, the country and its politicians have not been able to utilize properly.

Despite all the problems, India has also made some great progress in sectors like banking, IT, transportation, and tourism. India is also a proud member of BRICS, the organization of five of the fastest developing nations in the world. The other members of this group are Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa.



Some of the problems India and its people face are poverty, inadequate health facilities, education, political unrest, and corruption. The biggest positive about India is the fact that it enjoys wonderful relationships with almost every country. Its relationship with Pakistan is also improving and if this trend continues, India is surely going to emerge as one of the strongest nations.

India offers a great culture, beautiful and hospitable people, lovely weather, breathtaking colorful traditions and a multi-cultured society. All these factors make India one of the most “tourist-loved” countries as well. People of India are known for their diverse culture, hard working attitude, unique skills, and friendly nature. People here are usually fond of two things – Movies and Cricket (the sport). In fact, Indian film industry, known as Bollywood is a bigger market than the movie industries of Canada and America combined. The quality of the movies made in Bollywood is surely debatable, but their local market and demand is enough to keep the movie makers and the investors happy.

Enough with the “usual” things! The time has come to present you those crazy facts about this unique country: