9 Best Pizza Making Classes in NYC

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With as many studies as there are being done out there, there must be at least one attesting that pizza is the best kind of food out there, so we thought we’d try to find the best pizza making classes in NYC so you could learn to make your own.

If you’re really passionate about pizza, you can even try out these 5 Hands On Pizza Making Classes For Couples and Groups in NYC, in case you might want to take your partner along and have a fun experience.

Pizza is delicious in all shapes and sizes, although there’s been a lot of debate online about whether pineapple should ever touch this Italian dish. Regardless of which side of the discussion you’re on, and what other toppings you enjoy, pizza is certainly a kind of food mostly no one will ever refuse. It’s not only delicious, but it’s also easy to make.

As long as you learn how to make the dough, you can then decorate it with whatever you have in the fridge, if you’re not going for something specific and choose to go shopping beforehand. Sure, you can buy pre-made crusts or frozen pizzas that you just have to throw in the oven for a few minutes, but they can never taste the same as one made fresh.

In order to learn the ins and outs of pizza-making, we thought you’d be best off if you learned from a professional and not just followed a recipe you found online. In order to create our list of best pizza classes NYC, we went on Class Curious and took a look, searching for cooking classes featuring pizza recipes. We also went the old fashioned way and used Google to locate some other places so you have more options. We tried to rank the classes by the price of the class, but it should be mentioned that each location has a different-lenght course, so it may not be too relevant. Either way, we hope you enjoy these 9 best pizza making classes in NYC.

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