9 Best Pizza Making Classes in NYC

9. Institute of Culinary Education

The Institute of Culinary Education, also known as ICE is located on Liberty Street, not too far from the World Trade Center. While the place doesn’t offer out-right pizza-making classes, it does offer a cooking camp for kids ages 10 to 17 which also focuses on the Italian dish.

The $650 tuition covers 5 days of camp where attendees will learn loads of things. For instance, they’ll start off by learning basic kitchen techniques and knife skills, advance to handmade pasta, pizza and even Asian cooking. In the day that’s dedicated to pizza-making, students will learn how to make white pizza, cheese pizza, calzone, or even a chocolate dessert pizza, so you’ll be covered in all aspects.

Not only will you grasp all the skills you need to handle dough, but you’ll also learn the secret of perfectly distributing the toppings, and learn how to bake it all to perfection depending on your preferences.