9 Best Part-Time Jobs for Social Work Students in NYC

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Studying to become a social worker is perhaps one of the most admirable things one can do nowadays, in a world that’s become so self-absorbed that the notion of helping others is such foreign to some, so we decided to try to give out a helping hand and find the best part-time jobs for social work students in NYC.

Social workers often have a hard job, whether by seeing things that no one should ever have to see, or through the difficulty of their position and the weight of making the right decision to help those in need. And yet, social workers are often slammed in the media for things they do, for their involvement in some prominent cases, as people sometimes forget that these are people too, and they also make mistakes.

9 Best Part-Time Jobs For Social Work Students in NYC


And still, even though this is often a thankless job, kids continue to pour in, to train for this type of position, paying tens of thousands of dollars on tuition alone. The feeling that they’d done some good at the end of the day, however, seems to be enough to get them going.

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In order to do our list of best part-time jobs for social work students in NYC today we went and checked out several job portals such as Simply Hired, Monster, SnagaJob, and WayUp. We then looked for social work jobs with part time possibility and requiring the least possible experience, since we’re talking about students here. Finally, we ranked the jobs by the yearly salary estimated for each of them.

In the end, here’s the list of our 9 best part-time jobs for social work students in NYC.

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