11 Best Tasting Tequilas in the World

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If you like having Mexican style parties with your friends, you will definitely want to know which are the 11 Best Tasting Tequilas in the World, and surprise your friends the next time you all decide to wear sombreros and shoot your revolvers in the air. Just kidding about the revolver part, of course, but as far as the shooting part goes, you will definitely be doing some “shooting” once the bottle opens. If you find yourself in Mexico the next morning, even better! There is no bad time to take a shot of tequila, especially if you have a headache in the morning, after a wild night. Tequila has a slight positive influence on your health, and it doesn’t give you a hangover the next day. That proves to be true only if you drink a quality that’s 100% agave tequila, made in Mexico and not some cheap kind produced god knows where and from what ingredients. It is also known for lowering the level of bad cholesterol in your body, and ONE shot is great before lunch to open up your appetite, or ONE shot after lunch to help you digest your food more easily.

 Best Tasting Tequilas in the World

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Tequila is made from one species of agave, the blue agave, to be more precise, agave tequilana weber, var azul. Even though the classic tequilas taste great without any fruit or other notes, some tequilas that offer a combination of few different flavors (which, believe it or not, are not actual added flavors, but the result of the amount of time tequila spent in a barrel and the type of barrel), are actually more interesting to have a few shots of, or as a side drink with your coffee. In order to make a list of the best tasting tequilas, we had to take into consideration factors such as the combination of flavors, which can actually be subjective because tastes differ from person to person, but it still is an important factor for our list. The second, and the most important factor, in our opinion, is the price, because we all know that, for example,  a $5 tequila cannot taste better than the one with a $30 price tag on it, and since we are talking about the price, you might also be interested in reading our similar article, and find out more about Most expensive tequilas in the world.

Without further ado, we present you the list of the best tasting tequilas in the world:

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