8 Second Careers for Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Retired law enforcement officers have a lot of choices when it comes to second careers, some of which you can see on our list of second careers for retired law enforcement officers.

This transition can be tough for many law enforcement officers because they might think that their whole life will change now once they are retired. Some will miss the thrill which was part of their old job while others will hope for something less stressful in the future. Luckily, careers after policing are numerous, and this list will provide you with some ideas for alternative careers for police officers. Jobs suitable for ex police officers are usually connected with security sector although one can always choose to start his/her own business regardless of their previous careers.  Still, many prefer similar jobs which require police experience.

8 Second Careers for Retired Law Enforcement Officers

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Police Magazine published an interesting article dealing with police officers’ career change. This article points out that many law enforcement officers plan a long career, but retirements come much sooner than they planned because these stressful jobs take its toll, physically and psychologically. Some of them decide to enter the workforce by finding similar jobs or even jobs suitable for police officers abroad. Those who have acquired unique expertise while they worked in law enforcement can easily use those skills to find similar jobs. For example, accident investigators can work in the private sector as insurance consultants or fraud investigators. Speaking of jobs for police officers in private sector, Insider Monkey compiled a list of jobs for police officers in the private sector which can help you a lot if you want to look for a job in private sector. Apparently, life after duty can be thrilling and challenging as well. Many years of law enforcement experience don’t have to be a distant memory but can serve as a foundation for promising future career, along with our list of second careers for retired law enforcement officers of course.

To make this list of second careers for retired law enforcement officers, I used data collected from websites such as Indeed.com and Inside Jobs, as well as Forbes’ article on cybersecurity jobs and Insider Monkey’s article on jobs for police officers after retirement. Since salary might be the most important parameter when choosing a second career, we’ve decided to rank our job suggestions according to the median annual salary, from lowest to the highest paid job.

So, without further ado let’s check out our list of second careers for retired law enforcement officers.