7 Jobs For Police Officers After Retirement

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Police officers usually start their second career after retirement, so we wanted to see which 7 jobs for police officers after retirement are the best. What can you expect when you finish your career as a cop? If you still want to work and find a job which is closely related to your previous career, we have good news for you. You could recently read all about job alternatives for police officers in our article 7 jobs for police officers in the private sector, but now we will present what are your best opportunities on the job market after you retire.

To make our list of 7 jobs for police officers after retirement, we used data collected from the websites such as Blue Line Jobs, Inside Jobs, and Second Career Ideas. We tried to find the best match, so you can easily start your second career and use all the skills you have gained as a police officer. Police officers have to work hard to maintain public order, they fight against organized crime and terrorism.

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In our article, we will list the skills you need for your possible second career and try to find the job that is the best for you. For example, if you choose to work as a security guard or bodyguard, you will not have to chase criminals all the time and you will spend most of your working hours just observing and keeping everything in order. But you will also have to be ready to react quickly when something unsavory happens. If you choose to work as a teacher, you use the skills you gained during your career as a police officer to educate students and tell them all about your personal experience. For this particular job, the most useful skills you gained in the past are communication skills, interviewing skills, teamwork and let’s not forget about crowd control. You will lead the group of students who will respect you not only for the experience you have and knowledge you can provide, but for the great stories from “real life” you can tell.

Loss prevention specialist, insurance fraud investigator and financial crime investigator are also suitable jobs for former police officers. You can use the number of skills you have gained to prevent possible crimes. The most important is strong observation skill and strong communications skill. It is in police officer’s nature to observe, take notes about suspicious behavior, so if you want to use these skills, you should work as loss prevention specialist. Needless to say that the demand for insurance and crime investigators is always high, so will not have to wait long to start your new career.

If you are eager to find out which job is the first on our list of your possible future careers, check out the following list of 7 jobs for police officers after retirement:

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