8 Natural Cough Remedies for Kids and Babies

The best thing is preventing the illness, but when it occurs, there are some natural cough remedies for kids and babies that could be used instead of antibiotics and chemical drugs.

We are all familiar that there are many types of coughs that are usually signs of illness in kids, but not necessarily a serious one, of course. A dry cough for example, might indicate an infection of respiratory system or asthma, and usually gets more intense during sleeping time. Wet cough includes mucus that indicates fluid aggregation in the respiratory system. This kind of a cough is the usual indicator of a cold, but might also represent the beginning of some more serious illness such as asthma or some infections. But in other cases, coughs do not indicate anything serious, if a child is playful, eats and sleeps normally, not even a natural remedy is needed. That is how the child will strengthen their immune system on their own.

8 Natural Cough Remedies for Kids and Babies

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Although there is a vast offer of medications and various syrups for children on the market, it is actually not recommended for small children and infants to take them. They have sometimes proven to cause counter effects and be harmful. Natural remedies (carefully chosen), on the other side, are mild and help the body recover without unwanted consequences.

Since coughs might indicate some more serious illnesses, we would recommend a visit to a pediatrician, but these natural remedies for kids and babies might ease the pain and reduce coughing. For some advice on what is best for kids and babies, we have visited sources like Healthy Children, WebMD, Baby Center, Today that all agree on some easy-to-make remedies and natural ways to help our children with illness and cough.

There are of course, other alternative methods for curing a cold, and for adults we would recommend some of the Best Alcoholic Drinks for Sore Throat, Cough and Cold. But leaving that aside for now until they grow up, let’s see what are best natural cough remedies for kids and babies.