7 Best Alcoholic Drinks For Sore Throat, Cough, and Cold

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Gesundheit, it’s cold and flu season so check out the 7 best alcoholic drinks for sore throat, cough and cold. Chances are you have one or you will have one and it was given to you by the damn kids at your niece’s preschool.

I really don’t understand why people don’t STAY HOME WHEN THEY’RE SICK. I’m pretty disgusting, so I get things like pink eye. You know what I do when I have it? I’ll tell you what I don’t do. I don’t come in to work and sit mere feet from my coworkers exposing them to my eye menace. I protect their precious eyes, the same way any decent person would. In return I would love it if the general population could manage to protect my nose, ears, mouth, throat, and digestive system.  We have computers, cell phones, the internet, Google docs, and human brains. Why are you even working in an office to begin with? Okay sure there are some benefits but if you’re sick, no job is that important. I don’t care if you’re Vice President of Making Shows Come On at Netflix–we can all read a book for a day.

Seriously take a break and, most importantly, don’t infect me with your gross snotty germs.  While you are at home and out of cough-distance from me, make sure you enjoy one of these 7 best alcoholic drinks for sore throat, cough, and cold. Also, as you’re health improves you may be tempted to go on a health kick, if so I suggest you check out 12 Best Low Calorie Alcohol To Drink On A Diet.

7 Best Alcoholic Drinks For Sore Throat, Cough, and Cold

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Alcohol first started out as a medicinal product before people started drinking it for pleasure. Later alcohol was serving for a lot of different purposes, despite drinking they also used to clean with it, to cure a cold naturally and for disinfection among other things. People still spray vodka on costumes to rid them of bad odors.  They also spray it into their mouths to rid themselves of the memory of those bad odors.

Despite having negative effects in excess consumption, alcohol also has positive benefits for your health if you manage to balance the amount you are drinking on a daily basis. You already know that if you exceed the amount you should drink that it will have negative benefits, especially while you have a cold. So don’t party too hard with a head cold unless you really like having a head cold.

The most important health benefits from alcohol are the lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, it fights against cold, it decreases the development of dementia, it reduces the risk of gallstones as well as the chance of diabetes.  With the chemical components or synthetic ingredients in different medicine people are in search for a more natural cure when they can get it.  While it won’t be replacing pain relievers, water, tea, or rest anytime soon–alcohol is effective in certain instances when we are sick; it can help us in combination with other things to cure a sore throat, cough, and cold. 

If you want to minimize the alcohol in your body, you can try drinking it with honey, tea or lemon to dilute the booze. Lemon is a popular natural remedy because it contains citric acid. 

However, you should always remember the negative benefits if you exceed with alcohol consumption. Here you will see which are the 7 best alcoholic drinks for sore throat, cough and cold, but they can also have a negative impact like dehydration. Dehydration is the last thing you want to do to your body when you have a cold, always remember to stay hydrated no matter whether you have a cold or not.

DO NOT drink alcohol if you are taking antibiotics because some antibiotics have side effects when taken with alcohol. It will easily lead to nausea and dizziness or more serious complications even death. It is for the best if you avoid alcohol while you are taking any kind of antibiotics as it could also lessen their effectiveness. Also, make sure not to mix any alcohol with over the counter cold medicine which could have very dangerous effects. Read all medicine and supplement directions and ask a pharmacist or doctor before consuming any alcohol. 

In order to create the list of 7 best alcoholic drinks for sore throat, cough and cold, WikiHow helped us a lot, to find the best alcohols and alcoholic mixes with natural remedies to disinfect your throat, kill the bacteria and cure cold. We rated them by ease of use, the number of steps and access to materials.

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