8 Good Excuses for Missing Work and Not Calling

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Are there really any good excuses for missing work and not calling? I mean really? Let’s find out together.

It seems that nowadays people hate going to work more than ever. Why? Well, because most of the people are doing jobs they don’t like, working too many hours, having less time for themselves and their social lives. In other words many people are not happy with their work and life. Of course, there are those, who had luck in finding a job, if not the one from their dreams, then pretty close to it. Those who have great salaries, doing what they like, working from home, and similar. As the song goes – to some life gives pearls, and to others tears. But since those happy working people are probably not interested in finding out how to get away with a no call no show, maybe, just maybe, they would like to check out our Good Excuses to Miss Work in Advance. Yes, no matter how much you love your job there must be times when you want to catch a break, or there is something special happening on some precise date on which you should work, and you really need that day off. In that case, those in-advance excuses should do the trick.

Good Excuses for Missing Work and Not Calling

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We have researched a lot on this no call no show topic, and we’ve found out some very interesting things. First of all, many people agree that this just doesn’t work. There are no real excuses for missing work and not calling that will get you out of trouble. On many forums that we checked, we also got opinions from many bosses who said there is no good excuse for not calling, and that they would immediately fire that employee. So, before going all crazy about our suggestions, you should definitely try to avoid a circumstance in which you will need them.

Yes, calling in sick, calling that day, getting off in advance, these are all a completely different category, but when it comes to a no call no show, many say that is just like quitting. And depending on your boss, this may well be the case.  And you can’t really say that your boss is a jerk, because when you think about it, they are right. With all the technology nowadays, is it possible to find a good excuse for missing work and not at least sending a message to your office?

Well, we browsed a lot, and found only a few options. If they are good it is up to your boss to decide, and for you to gamble with. We are sure there are bosses who will pretend that this is OK, if this has happened only one time, but if your excuse works out, don’t be greedy, don’t try it a second time.

Some of the many forums and sites that have helped us with suggestions are Yahoo answersQuora, and IGN. Because of all that was said above, we’ve really had a hard time finding out some good suggestions. So, for our list, we had to even make up one completely crazy scenario, that can only work if you are a good liar, and have a boss that is a bit promiscuous, to put it that way. We have also picked the best/ultimate no call no show excuse that is the only one for which no boss can get mad, but unfortunately, you can’t really use it. Pretty soon you will understand what are we talking about, unless you have already guessed this one folks. Did you?  No, it is not – “Sorry I wasn’t able to call yesterday, I decided that I wanted to lose my job”, although that one is also quite understandable.

Please forgive us for the puns, but we feel like this topic requires them. I mean, are there any serious, responsible people googling “good excuses not showing up”? We think not.

Ok, we will give you the benefit of the doubt, maybe some of you really have had serious problems, and just couldn’t pick up the phone and do it, but out of who knows how many people who are googling for these suggestions, we are sure that only a handful has some really good excuse for it. And to that handful we dedicate our number one one the list of good excuses for missing work and not calling. So, start reading to check it out.


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