11 Good Excuses to Miss Work in Advance

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Looking for some good excuses to miss work in advance? We’ve all been there, which is why we wanted to create this list to help you.

OK, so we are all familiar with some of the most common, or should we say overused excuses to miss work for a day like – my grandma died, I have diarrhea, stomach cramps, and similar ‘sicking’ excuses, family troubles, flat tires, traffic, stuck in an elevator, etc. There are a million excuses people come up with everyday,  some of them are good as excuses for missing work last minute, some of them for missing work and not calling, and so on. But none of these can be used in advance. I mean, you can’t really say I will have diarrhea on August 23rd, so I’ll need a day off. Or that your grandma is going to die on that precise date. Or maybe you can, if you really like to provoke your boss. In that case, you should seek some good advice for finding a new job.

What came as a surprise to us when researching for this article is that many people think that you shouldn’t use any excuse at all. There are actually many honest people on this planet, who don’t like to lie and are really hardworking. Who would’ve thought that? We agree that lying is generally not good, but a small innocent lie on occasion is something all of us use. Whether it is for not meeting a friend because you are just too tired, and you say you have some other duties, or an excuse for being late again, and so on. These are not so bad. And neither are those excuses on our list below.

So, are there any good excuses to call off work the day before, or even months before? Yes, there are. We’ve browsed the internet in search of them, and found some really good forums and websites that were discussing all kinds of excuses to help you avoid showing up at work. We used some suggestions from Quora, Yahoo Answers, Monster to name a few. Although these sources mainly listed excuses that can’t be used in advance, we’ve managed to pick out 10 that can; some of them can help you get a half a day free, some of them will earn for you even a couple of days off.  If you don’t need only excuses for in advance, but all kinds of explanations for ditching work, then check some Good Believable Excuses for Missing Work we collected a few months ago.

Before you try one of these good excuses for missing work in advance we prepared for you, note what people on forums always advise – not to get into too much details. This is something we found on many sources discussing this topic. So, apparently, inexperienced liars are talking too much and developing a story, that can end up too complicated. Hence, you should just imagine that your excuse is really the truth, and try saying it like that. When we are telling the truth, we usually don’t talk too much, because we don’t try to look believable, we are believable. Easier said than done, right? Well, all it takes is practice.

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