8 Countries with Tuition Free Colleges in English for American Students

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Besides the quality of education that various universities offer, students are always concerned with tuition fees and whether they are able to afford them, so this article brings you a list of 8 countries with tuition-free colleges in English for American students.

Being a student is probably the best period of one’s life, and studying abroad brings the whole experience to a completely new level. To be away from your home, family, and friends is not something that students easily get through, but on the other side, this is an excellent way to explore the world, learn many new things, and work on becoming successful and completely independent. However, not everyone has the same possibilities regarding the chances to study, but the world generally became the global village, and you may find it amazing to know that even thousands of kilometers from your home, you can still study for free. In that case, don’t forget to check our list of 11 Countries with Free College for International Students.

In order to provide you with the best possible solutions if you decide to study abroad, we made sure to roll up our sleeves and research the chances to study worldwide and not being forced to learn the language of the country since the studies are conducted in English. Of course, to make your life easier, you should take at least beginner lessons of the official language. The information that we found on websites such as Top Universities, Students4Dev and Masters Portal were very much useful and helped us in creating the list. What you should remember is the fact that even though you don’t have to pay tuition fee some universities will still charge for the enrollment, registration, and some minor things. Of course, many of them do not provide anything else besides the free studies, so the accommodation, food and life expenses are something that should be taken into consideration as well.

We examined a huge number of countries and universities and made the list of countries with tuition-free colleges in English for American students according to living costs, including enrollment fees or any other administrative costs, but we also included the possibilities to get a scholarship while studying, to make your student life much easier. The only task that you have is to be ambitious, persistent, and willing to study and explore the world, while everything else you may find out from our list of 8 countries with tuition-free colleges in English for American students.

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